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We teach classes that are packed with diverse, ambitious people seeking knowledge. Our trainings are not just informative to the learners but also to instructors. It’s inspirational. It’s a life-changing experience that fuels your enthusiasm, passion and drive, while arming you with all you need to grow your career time after time.


An Opportunity To Empower
OraDMT gives you the opportunity to empower people from all walks of life in this Digital Age. This will also give you an opportunity to impact and boost your experience

Grow Your Career
Ongoing education, advanced training and great career opportunities. No matter how good you are now or how long you’ve been teaching, as an OraDMT instructor you’ll constantly get better.

Exclusive Discounts
Being an OraDMT instructor, you’ll get a 25% instructor discount off any course you may be interested in, outside your scope. You can attend any class at discounted prices and connect with other Technology Professionals too.

Attend Inspirational Events
Receive invites to some of the world’s Technology Events, Regional Events and exclusive Training Opportunities.