Why Instagram For Business In 2020? 5 Tips To Consider Before Starting A Business Online

Instagram for business is a very powerful tool for business in Kenya in 2020. Study shows that it has 1 Billion monthly users in the world with its popularity with the younger generation increasing from 59%  to 64%. With Instagram, so long as you follow the relevant audience, you will get visib...


Importance of Digital Marketing Training

Digital marketing basically levels the online playing ground. The internet is the market in this case. The unique thing is that in this market, there are no demarcations or strict terms of use as there are in the physical market places we know. That makes online sound simple and easy, right? You cou...


2020 SEO Trends Every Business / Company In Kenya Should Know

In this day and age, people are very used to looking for products and services online. Whether it’s the latest movie, a hotel or the cheapest flights, you’ll rush online to check out what’s on offer and compare from a long list of massive retailers. The whole idea is that,...