Digital Marketing Certification Course

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

Our digital marketing courses are designed to meet your professional and business needs.

  • Digital Marketing Essentials: This introduction course is free. You will go through the digital marketing fundamentals and align the course to the objectives your personal objective.

  • Search Engine Optimization: You will learn how to rank on top on Google Search, the tools and trends. Practical case studies and assignments during your training period.

  • Search Engine Marketing: Doing ads without results is not enough. To learn how to effectively run ads on the search engines, join this class.

  • Email Marketing: From the perfect email campaigns, building user lists, getting relevant clicks and tools to drive your email marketing leads.

  • Content Management System: Get behind what some of the best websites run on. How do you keep your site updated, secure and with optimal performance.

  • Web Analytics: The future of your online is in the data. Learn how you can make business decisions from your marketing and web traffic data.

  • Content Marketing: Blogging and content marketing.  Creating content that drives customers your way.

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