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Reading and coding are both essential literacies for the 21st centuries one being to get ideas and knowledge and the other being to express the ideas and knowledge into ideas and various solutions. That’s what makes creative coding an interesting activity for children and adults alike. The aim of this program is to be able to both tap into children’s creativity and transform the ideas they already have and use the structured methodology of computational thinking to bring out the ideas in form of animations, presentations, stories, creative art work and interactive games.

Scratch programming language

Scratch programming language is a block based language that is used to help first time programmers to understand programming and also look into how computational thinking helps in problem solving. Block based programming helps to guide the student to look at how basic programming is about problem solving and above all the fun side of programming.

Concepts learnt:

This session is meant to introduce students to coding in general and its purpose in the computing world. It is also meant to introduce students to programming terminologies and key concepts and lastly a guided practice in scratch.

The purpose of this session is to introduce students to coming up with ideas for a programming project and steps from an idea and representing it in computing. Some of the sources of inspiration that spark creativity and ideas for projects include:

Theme of the term in the school
STEM projects( science, maths and engineering concepts)
Common stories (Abunuasi, Geronimo, Alibaba, diary of a wimpy kid)
History (Aztecs, Mayans, Mau Mau, Greece, Romans, the bible)
Games (Lego, Minecraft)
Artwork (Visualizations)

The main aim of this session is to understand basic instructions and advanced instructions in scratch that make games, simple programs and animations work.

Gaming is one of the fields where programming has been most widely applied. Here the children learn to use the knowledge they have to:

  • Make a game from scratch
  • Tweaking an existing game from scratch also known as remixing

In the end the students should be able to demonstrate their knowledge by making

  1. A simple story
  2. An animation
  3. A presentation
  4. A computer game

Apart from scratch programming language the students will also use hopscotch, scratch jr, tinker for schools and various other programs online where they can continuously learn and develop their skills. Some of the programs may be run on desktops and laptops while others can be run on tablets and smartphones by the students.

Everyday, apps are developed for various purposes to solve various problems in society. This sessionwill  be important in introducing students to this concept and  practice to the real world, there will be discussions on the  apps available to us in our  daily lives.


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