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What is a Webinar and How Does it Work for your business?

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A "webinar" also referred to as a “webcast”, “online event” or “new meeting room” is an online event that is hosted by an individual/organization/company and broadcast to prospective customers or clients through their phones or computers online. A webinar is what your business is missing during this Covid period. Forget about zoom. I want you to think about something you can go on screen and broacast/market to a wider audience then we measure the results together. You will like it. Its cheaper, more effective & better than TV & Radio:

My solution comes with:

  1. Hustle Free + no physcial preparation
  2. Your own branding during the stream + logo
  3. Unlimited streaming
  4. 10 on-screen participants (more dilutes it, others join live)
  5. Creative Overlays & Backgrounds
  6. Custom RTMP destinations
  7. Recording - 2 hours/stream
  8. Multistream - 8 destinations eg facebook, linkedIn, youtube, instagram
  9. Grow your pages quicker
  10. Go live with your screen sharing options
  11. Play your existing videos during the show


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