Personal Leadership Growth: L.I.V.E.

Are you Living and Leading the life you want? We give practical wisdom on how to grow yourself in 4 areas: Leadership. Impact. Vision. Execution. This Legacy class keeps you on track.

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6 Lectures



 Are you Living and Leading the life you want? 

Everyone wants to grow. Am sure you want to lead yourself.  This is how you can do it. 
We give practical wisdom on how to grow yourself in 4 areas: 
- How to lead yourself effectively.
 - How to make sure your life has meaning in other people's lives.
- How to clarify where you are headed and what that means practically.
- How to practically live the vision and goals you hold dear.
This Legacy class will start and keep you right on your growth track. 


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Ernest Nyingi

Legacy Leadership Consultant. Execution Coach
I am a legacy leadership consultant and execution coach. I have 18 years' experience in leadership functionality, vision execution, business success and legacy planning.