Digital marketing is one of the most popular courses, not only in Kenya but also in the world today. All that people are doing nowadays is to improve their lives digitally; and what other better way would one use? The internet is almost becoming everything that a human being needs these days. It is therefore wise to move with time and the starting point seems to be at digital marketing training in Kenya.

Digital Marketing training in Kenya is done by several companies. As the other learning institutions continue doing what they have been doing all these years, some companies have come in to bridge the gap that has been there. They have taken it upon themselves to train digital marketing purely while others are doing it as an accompaniment to their other activities.

At OraDMT, we saw this opportunity before the others thought it was a big deal. Although the digital marketing field was not as broad in Kenya, we dared to step into it. Ten (10) years down the line, we have yielded a harvest beyond what we had anticipated.

Having trained at least a thousand (1000) students to completion of the digital marketing course, we can only be proud of the impact we have made in their lives. The ties that develop during our training are another thing we might not be able to explain. We are always on the loop about how our alumni are faring. We always follow up to know how their businesses are doing and the turn they make once they start implementing what they have gained from the classes is always encouraging.

Probably, you have been doing digital marketing anyhow- a trial and error kind of a thing. Digital marketing today can’t work for you if that is your way of doing things. Find time and enroll for a course and you will never regret it. When you agree to use your 1 month to develop your digital marketing skills, you save your business over 1 year of instability.

Digital marketing in Kenya is relatively affordable, it takes a short time to complete and is mostly practical-based. We train you to be able to do it yourself. We also use your own business as the case scenario so that by the time you are completing the course, you don’t just leave with some skills you don’t know how exactly to apply. Enroll now