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All in One Digital Marketing for Corporates

OraDMT – Digital Marketing Training is a brand of Oracom Web Solutions Ltd that helps individuals and corporates build effective online marketing strategies. Our courses span across Mobile, Social Media, Inbound marketing, PPC, Email,Digital Analytics and Programmatic Advertising . Our main aim is to empower the business owners or company achieve business goals through strategic digital marketing implementation.

  • Understand how the principles of marketing are being leveraged by tools like the Internet, smartphones, and 3D printers

  • Develop new skills in brand management, product positioning, and marketing strategy

  • Build analysis and visualization skills that help you extract useful information from datasets
  • Learn from successful digital marketing strategies and tactics via real-world case studies

  • Obtain insights into factors that shape consumer behavior in a digital environment

Training Modules

Our Social Media course is both practical and strategic. You will learn how to set up, manage, optimize & deliver integrated social media marketing campaigns through a mix of practical and theoretical content in a fun, interactive and practical way.

Course Outline

• Introduction to this course & social media
• Starting with the basics – Beginners
• Your Social Media Strategy
• Getting started with the social networks
• Social Media for Brand Promotion
• The Social Media Audit
• Social Media Content Marketing
• Social Media Content Planning
• Using Facebook for SMM
• Using Twitter for SMM
• Using Google Plus:
• Using YouTube for Social Media Marketing
• Social Media Crisis Management
• Competitor Analysis

This email marketing training course offers a solid foundation for understanding how to deliver high-impact permission-based email marketing campaigns that get results.

Course Objective

• Deliver an effective email marketing campaign from planning through to delivery
• Grow an opt-in list that maintains interest and drives revenue
• Understand why design, build and content can make or break your ROI
• Have the confidence to try advanced methods to grow a cost-effective, high impact email marketing strategy


Course Outline

• Email Marketing and Your Business
• Email Optimization and Testing
• Email Design and Functionality
• Sending The Right Message with Lifecycle Marketing
• Contact Management and Segmentation
• The Components of a High Performing Email
• Essentials of Email Deliverability
• Developing Relationships with Lead Nurturing
• Measuring Success with Email Analytics

Google, Bing and other engines have always focused on the user. This is why so many websites get caught out trying to trick the search engines through black hat SEO and keyword stuffing. We follow the search engine approved approach to deliver on the SEO promise.

Course Objectives

• Aide professionals in organically increasing the visibility of their businesses
• How to find and utilize the right keywords for the right niche when developing content
• How to make sure that your site is on the first page of SERPs by meeting all the requirements set by a search engine.
• How to build backlinks
• How to make use of analytics to see how well your SEO tactics work and which areas could use improvement
• Enhance your sites’ user experience.

Course Outline

• SEO Strategy Development
• Site Audits and Structure
• Keyword Research Basics
• On-Page SEO Fundamentals
• Design & Architecture
• Link building and Off-Page SEO
• SERP Features
• Reporting on SEO
• SEO Tools

We’ll show you how to analyze what it means so you know which of your marketing initiatives lead to traffic and conversions. This means you can confidently concentrate your time and resources on what has the best ROI.

Course Objectives

• Step by step instructions on how to get started and implement Google Analytics
• Crystal clear advice on what to do before getting started with Google Analytics
• Details on how to interpret data from Google Analytics
• The most important reports in Google Analytics and why they really matter
• Advice about how to translate raw data into actionable insights

Course Outline

• Track Conversion Rates
• Analyze Visitors Behavior
• Segment Social Media Traffic
• The Google Analytics layout
• Segment Social Media Traffic Mind Map
• Build Insightful Dashboards
• Measuring Custom Campaigns
• Tracking campaigns with the URL Builder
• Using Goals to measure business objectives
• Measuring AdWords campaigns
• Data Collection and Processing
• Setting Up Data Collection and Configuration
• Advanced Analysis Tools and Techniques

Select Modules

In Company Corporate Training

Choose the venue and let us customize for you a custom package of digital marketing modules that are based on your company digital demands. We do your digital marketing audit and deliver a strategic and curated training that will definitely grow your brand.


August 2


August 3


KES 13,500


Laico Regency Hotel
Nairobi,, Kenya

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