How long a digital marketing course takes is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to digital marketing in Kenya. May be it shows how people are willing to gain digital marketing skills but with a great concern on the timing. The reason is because unlike with many other courses, most of the people who are interested in learning digital marketing have no intention of looking for employment thereafter.

Digital marketing courses are often taken by business people whose aim is to improve their ways of doing business in this digital dispensation.  These kind of people are somehow busy running their businesses already. They might not have enough time to leave all they are handling and go back to class for years. These people will prefer to take short courses that are applicable to what business they are in.

So how long does a digital marketing course take? This will depend on the trainer and how their curriculum looks like. On average, a digital course can take you about a month. However, some trainers understand the need to have special programmes that take shorter time, even a week.

At OraDMT, we offer a crash programme after every three months to take care of our clients who have not had time to attend our monthly trainings. This is a whole day training programme that runs throughout the week.

We also do such kind of training with companies in what we call in-company training. Here, we either send our trainers to a company to train their staff from their place or have the staffs of about two or three companies trained together in a hotel somewhere. We also have such a programme for independent students where one registers and attends the crash programme together with other individuals.

Duration of a digital marketing course therefore depends more on the schedule of the trainee. How much time one has for such and how flexible they are. But on average, at OraDMT, the course takes 1 month. We usually have intakes every month.