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Key areas of knowledge

Understanding algorithms and how they are implemented as programs on digital devices

The concept of instructions and how programs execute by exact instructions

Design a program that performs a specific goal such as controlling/simulating physical systems

Solving problems by decomposing them into smaller parts

The course is going to take the bottom up and student centered approach in learning programming. We will be working on projects to illustrate the different concepts learnt.

The main areas of assessment will be:

  1. Self-assessment
  • Structure their programs
  • Identify sprites in the program
  • What is an algorithm and the process of writing one
  • Test if a program is working properly
  • Check if there is a problem with the instruction
  1. Peer assessment
  • How is each of them handling the project?
  • Helping each other in looking for problems in the project
  • Exploring other projects available on the scratch! Website and other informational websites

Every learner has different interests and learn at their own pace. As such code to learn appreciates this and accommodates all learners.  Some may be interested in all aspects, others may be interested in one some learn faster others at a slower pace. Some students may be interested in stories, others Lastly, a key assessment will be the mastery of the principles learnt throughout the programming process, openly speaking out the programming principles and use in daily life:

Why coding??

Coding is the new literacy. Technology has changed the way people live and has had a massive impact on perception and understanding.  It has also brought platforms for people to create and share their ideas and to solve problems. Code has become an enabler for creation, learning and sharing of thwhatv has been learnt to make a difference and to solve problems. That is why we learn to code and code to learn.


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