Instagram for business is a very powerful tool for business in Kenya in 2020. Study shows that it has 1 Billion monthly users in the world with its popularity with the younger generation increasing from 59%  to 64%. With Instagram, so long as you follow the relevant audience, you will get visibility. This is unlike Facebook where organic is dead- reason, Facebook prioritizes updates on your News Feed.

The following tips will enlighten you on doing it right as you start your online business:

How to set up your Instagram Business Account Set up Page Bio.

Follow top influencers and add them to your Instagram account; it’s very crucial. Your Bio should include all your service lines, for instance, Digital Marketing Training in Kenya – We train on SEO, Email Marketing etc. If your business deals with products, always include the specific category, for example,  under fashion, say whether you sell women or men wear. This will indicate what your audience is supposed to see.

Your profile picture should include your logo; this is what your prospective buyers will relate to.

Instagram for Business Content Creation and Insta-Stories

90% of the Instagram content is in image form. Having professional photographs is key for Instagram content.  Using relevant 2019 tools come in handy during the design work. Sharing videos online is even better as the engagement rate is 80%.

Since stories are only viewable for 24 hours, it means the content quality could be a little bit low. There is a lot of Call-To-Action in the stories for example, register for this course, follow this account, pre-buy my book, you may use to sell, behind the scenes stuff. They are viewable on an account’s profile pictures. This feature was actually borrowed from SnapChat as they did not manage to buy the platform.

Instagram Re-Posting

Reposting content is not only a new way to get free content to your publish on Instagram, but also a way to connect with other Instagram accounts. This is a great way to highlight someone in your audience, someone in your space or a loyal client you want to share with your audience. Instagram is all about engaging with people. Download a separate app called Repost for Instagram and get to repost your content, photos and videos fast and free.

Growing Your Audience on Instagram

One of the many questions that pop up is, ’Can I buy my Instagram followers just when I am started?’ The reason why I wouldn’t recommend this is, numbers or rather, followers are not really important. What matters is the engagements you have on each post. Engagement is the signal that informs you that people are engaging with your content.

If you buy a lot of followers and end up not engaging with your content then they are basically irrelevant. If you need to re-target your audience, the bought audience may not give you their demographics.

Organic growth is very key on this platform; it may be a bit manual but in the long run you get the relevant audience. Not only will you get followers, but you will also learn what content gets more engagements.

Identify top influencers’ accounts, follow the people who engage with their content and they will follow back . Ensure your bio, call to actions and profile pictures are optimized.

  1. Instagram Hashtags

Using Instagram for business means that you are interested in numbers; you want your content to reach the right people as fast as possible. Hashtags are a way to tell Instagram what your content is all about and with that they can group content together. There is now a new feature enabling users to follow a hashtag, for example, #DigitalMarketingInKenya. With this feature, you can see how many posts apply to that specific hashtag- this is a way to increase your visibility. On the Search Tab you may search a keyword such as, #DigitalMarketing and related hashtags will be predicted. You may use this Hashtags on your content.